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VERY IMPORTANT!!! Vendor meals and what you should know.

We don't recommend to do what this photographer did, but I definitely feel his pain.

This could have been resolved in a better way.

Have you ever gone 6-10 hours without eating and how did that feel........Exactly!!!

Many times vendor meals are overlooked or never brought up and some vendors go hours without eating and that can easily lead to fatigue, dizziness or even worse. Finding an area in the timeline where vendors can eat is really important. This is why, wedding couples should consider the following when it comes to vendor meals at their wedding:

1. Communicate with vendors: Discuss meal arrangements with your vendors well in advance. Know their dietary restrictions and preferences. I have seen too many times a vegetarian not eat because their dietary preferences we're not discussed.

2. Count the number of vendors: Determine how many vendor meals are needed, including photographers, DJs, planners, and more. A good way to determine if a vendor meal is needed is if the vendor will be working your wedding for more than four hours. If they are, please include that vendor.

3. Include vendors in your headcount: When providing catering numbers to your venue or caterer, include vendor meals to ensure there's enough food prepared.

4. Vendor meal options: Some couples offer the same meal as guests, while others opt for simpler, less expensive options. Discuss this with your caterer.

5. Timing and location: Ensure vendors have access to their meals at a convenient time and location, so they can eat without disrupting the event.

6. Dietary restrictions: Be aware of any dietary restrictions or allergies your vendors may have and communicate this to the caterer.

7. Seating: Consider providing a designated area for vendors to eat comfortably and take a break.

8. Vendor gratuity: It's common to include vendor meals in your overall gratuity calculation.

9. Stay organized: Keep a list of vendors who will receive meals and ensure they receive them on the day. Coordinate with your planner to make sure they find time in the timeline to accomodate the vendors their meals you paid for. The best time to feed your vendors is while everyone else is eating or right before. By doing this we are ready to go for any events during dinner and quickly after. At this time Photographers/Videographers can't take pictures or videos of people eating and the DJ is just sitting around playlist your dinner list. That is the best time in my opinion.

Remember, taking care of your vendors ensures they can perform their best, contributing to a successful and smooth wedding day. I also encourage vendors to state this in their contracts and to make sure the couples understand this as well.

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