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To Dance Floor or to not Dance Floor. That is the question?

This will help you understand why a dance floor is a huge plus for every wedding. Keep in mind this is usually the first thing guests see as they walk in and if your floor is not complementing your decorations then that wow factor will be minimal.

Imagine the picture below with a basic floor, it would be a completely different picture to say the least.

Photo Credit Dbatista Photography

Venue The Secret Gardens Miami

Here are the top 10 reasons

1. Entertainment: A dance floor adds an element of entertainment, ensuring your guests have a great time dancing the night away.

2. Focal Point: It becomes a focal point for your reception, encouraging guests to participate and enjoy the celebration.

3. Social Interaction: Dancing brings people together, fostering social interaction among your guests.

4. Memorable Moments: Dance floors create opportunities for memorable moments, like the first dance or the dance-off.

5. Atmosphere: They enhance the overall atmosphere, making your wedding feel more festive and lively.

6. Music Accommodation: A designated dance floor allows for better placement of speakers and a DJ or band, ensuring quality sound.

7. Professional Look: It gives your wedding a professional and polished appearance, as opposed to impromptu dancing spaces.

8. Photography: Dance floor shots provide excellent photo opportunities for both candid and posed pictures.

9. Guest Comfort: Guests can comfortably dance without worrying about uneven or uncomfortable surfaces.

10. Tradition: Dancing is a traditional part of weddings, and a dance floor helps you honor this time-honored tradition with style.

We hope these reasons help you understand on why a dance floor is important and it just more than a place for people to dance. It elevates your wedding to that next lever that will make you memories forever. If you have any needs for a dance floor, a floor wrap or any led dance floors we can also help you with those. Ask us how!!!

Pheniks Sound & Lighting Plus

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