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Tips on how to pick your wedding music.

We get asked this question all the time and our couples typically choose wedding music based on their personal preferences, cultural traditions, and the overall mood they want to create during different parts of the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

Some factors to consider include:

1. Personal Taste: Couples often pick songs that hold sentimental value or have special meaning in their relationship.

2. Ceremony Type: Different music may be chosen for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and reception. For instance, classical or instrumental music might be favored during the ceremony, while upbeat songs might be selected for the reception.

3. Theme or Style: The couple might opt for music that aligns with the theme or style of the wedding, whether it's romantic, traditional, modern, vintage, or themed around a specific era.

4. Consultation with Musicians/DJs: Professional musicians or DJs might offer suggestions based on their experience and the couple's preferences. We can also help direct you to youtube, spotify or a music platform where they have curated playlist you can easily select from to save you hours of picking. We highly recommend this for your cocktail hour and dinner music.

5. Consideration for Guests: Couples often think about their guests' preferences to ensure a mix of songs that will appeal to different age groups and musical tastes.

6. Special Dances: Our couples choose songs for their first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, etc., often selecting meaningful tracks.

7. Cultural or Religious Significance: Some couples incorporate music that holds cultural or religious significance to honor their heritage or beliefs.

Ultimately, the music choices are highly personal and can vary widely based on the couple's unique preferences and the atmosphere they want to create on their special day. It is a band or DJ's job to help orchestrate your wedding vibe as we see fit to the music you have selected.

We do more than just press play, we create the soundtrack of your wedding day. Pheniks Sound & Lighting Plus

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