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Now that you have had a successful wedding and the planning is over, WHAT'S NEXT!!!!

After a successful wedding, there are several things you can consider doing:

1. Thank You Notes: Send thank-you notes to all your guests, expressing your gratitude for their attendance and any gifts they may have given.

2. Change Legal Documents: If either partner is changing their name, update legal documents such as passports, driver's licenses, and social security cards.

3. Review Finances: Discuss your financial situation and create a budget for your married life. Consider merging bank accounts or setting up joint accounts.

4. Reflect and Relax: Take some time to reflect on your wedding day and enjoy a period of relaxation or a mini honeymoon.

5. Send Photos: Share wedding photos and videos with friends and family who couldn't attend and create a wedding album or scrapbook.

6. Write Reviews: If you were happy with your wedding vendors, consider leaving positive reviews for them online.

7. Plan Your Future: Discuss your future together, including where you want to live, career goals, and family planning if applicable.

8. Legal Matters: Update your wills and other legal documents to reflect your new marital status.

9. Thank Your Wedding Party: Show appreciation to your bridal party and anyone who helped with wedding planning and organization.

10. Notify Official Entities: Inform government agencies, banks, and other official entities about your marital status change if necessary.

Remember that the post-wedding period can be a time of adjustment, so communicate openly with your spouse and enjoy the beginning of your married life together.

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