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Is wedding planning with family or parents a good idea?

While involving family members or parents in your wedding planning can be a positive experience, here are the top 10 potential challenges to consider:

1. Conflicting visions: Differences in ideas and expectations can lead to disagreements and conflicts.

2. Overbearing involvement: Some family members may take over decisions or impose their preferences.

3. Added stress: Wedding planning is already stressful, and involving family can sometimes increase the pressure.

4. Strained relationships: Wedding-related disagreements can strain relationships with family members.

5. Unrealistic expectations: Parents may have certain expectations that can be difficult to meet.

6. Control issues: Some family members might want to control aspects of the wedding, leading to tension.

7. Financial concerns: Family contributions may come with strings attached, leading to financial disputes.

8. Lack of independence: Couples may want to make decisions on their own without family influence.

9. Guilt or obligation: Accepting help from family can create feelings of obligation or guilt.

10. Privacy invasion: Sharing every detail with family may lead to a loss of privacy or intimacy in your wedding planning.

It's important to navigate these potential issues by setting clear boundaries and open communication with your family to make the experience positive and meaningful for everyone involved. I tell all my couples to always remember, let's never lose the vision that is their one and only wedding day. Family can always help but some family members can do better by doing nothing and just enjoying the day with the couple. Pheniks Sound & Lighting Plus

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