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We definitely don't mean to scare you, but we do because people think a wedding DJ is just going to show up (Hopefully), press play here and there and then goes home.

YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!!! We are here to create awareness to all our couples on how valuable we are and to show you how much we are involved in almost every decision that can make or break your wedding.

As you start your DJ shopping, one of the most important things you should recognize about a DJ, or a DJ company is their planning and organization of music for your big day. This can definitely be a make-or-break factor before your wedding. The planning and organization of the music should always be fun and simple. If it is not, that will create frustration for you if the DJ is difficult to get a hold of or difficult in their organization of the music. Make sure they have a music app or a music platform where you can easily pick your music to make sure everyone is on the same page.

You found the right DJ and now you are ready to move forward. Preparation as a DJ begins as soon as you sign and pay the deposit. We have to make ourselves available to you while managing our weekdays and weekends working our scheduled events. We bring allot of value being able to respond to your emails and texts in a timely manner. If they don't or you are ghosted, important decisions can prolong, and unnecessary frustration can begin.

Your DJ is involved with almost every decision that is made on your wedding day.

Your DJ has to do a mic check and sound check hours before your ceremony begins. Once your officiant gets there, they are going to do an official microphone check with them to get ready for the ceremony. They will make sure to have music playing as your guests arrive. During that time, they will wait patiently to hear from the planner so they can play the songs that were given for your entrances. The Ceremony begins and they remain onsite making sure the microphone levels are good and no cut outs. This is very important especially if your videographer is tapped into their sound to get all the audio for your wedding video. You may now kiss and walk out. They have to time your exit song to make sure they play it correctly at the time stamp you gave them. Whoo-hoo, a successful ceremony. Now off to cocktail hour.

Your DJ will normally collect a playlist of songs from you and play those during your cocktail hour. They organize that music days or weeks before you're wedding day to have those ready. They also will make a habit to stay in the cocktail area to make sure the music does not stop for any reason. Things happen even when it's a simple set up for cocktail hour, but your DJ should always stay ready for any hiccups. Now, the reception!!!!

This is where all the planning and organization comes to life. And this right here, will make or break your wedding and have your guests wonder where you found this DJ (In a good way or bad way.) Let's start with your entrances. They should personally line up the bridal party and go over the next serious of events with the couple and make sure nothing has changed. They should be ready for any last-minute changes if needed. They bring in the couple and every name was said and pronounced correctly due to good preparation. As you dance your first dance, they already know you are dancing the whole song because you told them in the app, and they also asked you before we brought you in. Time for the Parents dances, they know you and your fiancée want to dance half the song with each parent because you entered it in the app, and they also double checked with you before they brought you in. Are you starting to see a trend here?

It's always better to be safe than sorry. No time for error or assuming on your wedding day. Okay, back to the wedding reception. Formalities are done, now time for the toast and speeches. The champagne is poured, and they go over with you the list of people who are going to speak to make sure the list is accurate. They would also like to spot those individuals from the list in the crowd and make sure they are ready. They are all called up and we make sure they talk directly into the microphone so everyone can hear them. Last speech is done, and the couple wants to do a thank you speech and then we jump right into the dinner music. Allot of attention to detail and organization has happened and the DJ hasn't even played on party song. Dinner is done, you throw the bouquet, the garter belt is removed and now the party begins. For the next 2-3 hours your DJ is playing Tetris on level 100 managing the music you gave them while satisfying the crowd to create that unique vibe for you and all your guests. This part is very scary because even though the DJ makes it look easy, it is not. Having a dance floor packed with so many different genre styles is a talent all by itself. Now it's time for the last song of the night and the DJ announces your sparkler sendoff and we help guide the guests to that area. The couple is happy, and everyone had the best night of their lives and now our breakdown begins.

Your hired DJ can make or break your wedding by almost every action if they lack experience and they don't prepare for your big day.

We hope this is helpful and that we have brough you more value as you hire a DJ for your big day.

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