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15 mistakes to avoid while planning your wedding.

We have seen so many mistakes made by couples when planning their big day. We also understand how planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but here are some common mistakes to avoid based on our experience:

1. Not setting a budget: Determine your budget early to guide your decisions. 2. Overcommitting: Be realistic about what you can handle and don't take on too much DIY or too many obligations. 3. Ignoring your guests: Consider their comfort, like travel and dietary restrictions. 4. Procrastinating: Start planning early to secure venues and vendors. 5. Prioritizing: Focus on what's most important to you and allocate resources accordingly. 6. Underestimating costs: Budget for unexpected expenses, like taxes and gratuities. 7. Lack of communication: Keep your partner and key stakeholders in the loop. 8. Ignoring contracts: Read vendor contracts thoroughly before signing. 9. Being too trendy: Trends can quickly date your wedding. Balance with timeless elements. 10. Micromanaging: Trust professionals to do their job; avoid unnecessary stress. 11. Forgetting about the weather: Have backup plans for outdoor events. 12. Overlooking the timeline: Ensure the day's schedule is realistic and allows for flexibility. 13. Over-inviting: Be mindful of your guest list to avoid overcrowding. 14. Not delegating: Rely on trusted friends and family to help with tasks. 15. Skipping a plan B: Always have a backup option for critical elements. Remember, it's your special day, so focus on what truly matters to you and your partner. You have spent a lot of time and money and avoid cutting corners on your big day. Pheniks Sound & Lighting Plus

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